SSL Cipher Change Notification – Feb 15th, 2018

As a standard part of our security review process, we will be changing the set of ciphers supported by our web servers in our AWS ELB cluster. The changes will go live on Feb 28th, 2018.

The following cipher is being dropped:


We are adding a new cipher:


With this change we are effectively enabling the ELBSecurityPolicy-TLS-1-2-2017-01 pre-defined security policy available on Amazon’s Elastic Load Balancer. You can find more information about the security policy here.


Qn: What does it mean to disable an existing cipher?

A client (such as a browser) typically supports multiple ssl ciphers. As part of the handshake the client and server agree on one specific cipher. If the server rejects a requested cipher (because it is no longer supported) the standard protocol is for the client to request another cipher from its list of supported ciphers. All standard browsers and most API SDKs work on these principles and the change should be completely transparent to end users.

Qn: Why is this change required?

This is a standard part of keeping our security infrastructure up to date. It is security Best Practise to replace ciphers that have been shown to have theoretical vulnerabilities with more robust ones.

Qn: I am using a custom API integration with a highly bespoke SSL wrapper and I use one of the ciphers that are going to be disabled. What should I do?

You can test your software by requesting one of the supported ciphers listed in the AWS page linked above. If any of them work, you can configure your wrapper to request that supported cipher instead of one of the disabled ones.

Qn: Will there be any disruption of service during this change?

No. There will be absolutely no disruption if you are using a standard web browser to interact with our application, or if you are using any standard SSL SDK.

Qn: I need more help. What can I do?

We are happy to help. Please leave a comment below or send us a note at

Updates to Invite page

We recently improved our UI experience and also added a few new features to the invite page on HackerRank:

  • Shared templates across the company
  • Personalise emails by automatically adding candidate/recruiter name
  • Re-inviting candidates to take a test


Shared templates across the company

All users can now share templates created company wide. Click on the templates icon in the bottom right of the editor, this will open up the templates window as shown below. Under Shared Templates, you can see all templates created by other users within the company. These templates are ready for immediate use or you can create your own copies and make edits as you see fit. For more details, please visit this article.


Personalise your email invites

You can now personalise every email invitation by including candidate and recruiter names in your emails. To do this, add the candidate or recruiter name placeholder to your email as shown below. The candidate’s name will only be shown if it is included in the email address in the following format: john<> or if the candidate name is included in the csv upload. For more details, please visit this article.



Re-invite candidates to a test

There are often cases where candidates could not complete the test due to power issues or loss of connectivity. For these cases where you would like the candidate to retake the test, you can now resend the invite without deleting the previous reports. All attempts candidates took are stored along with a detailed report for each attempt that you can review later. For more details, please visit this article.

If you have any questions, please write to us at .


Join us for 60 minute User Training and Updates

We are conducting 60-minute training with live Q&A where we will review HackerRank for Work product, best practices in creating tests, inviting candidates to take the test, reviewing candidate reports and conducting paired programming interviews with Codepair. Please see the schedule here for training and sign up.

Fullscreen mode for candidates will not be supported on IE 11 and Safari browser

Starting today 10/16/17, HackerRank will not support fullscreen mode for candidates attempting the test using IE 11 or Safari. We recommend that whenever you send a invite for a test with fullscreen enabled, please add instructions for candidates to use latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge to take the test.

Note, we will continue to support IE 11 and Safari browsers. This update only impacts candidates using IE 11 or Safari when the test specifically has fullscreen mode enabled.

If you have any questions, please refer to this article or write to us at

Scheduled Maintenance on December 25th, 2016 at 5:30pm PT

HackerRank for Work will not be available due to scheduled maintenance on December 25th, between 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm PT (see all timezones here). We’ll be performing the following updates during this time –

  1. Upgrade all questions using Swift 2.0 or an earlier version to Swift 3.0.
  2. Perform database updates.

During this time you will not be able to access the HackerRank platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this impact test candidates?

The tests interface will not be available during the maintenance window. Candidates will see a notification to come back at a later time. We will also ensure that candidates are allowed to start their Test only if they can complete it before the start of the maintenance window.

How does this impact CodePair sessions?

New CodePair sessions cannot start during the maintenance window, and up to 90 minutes prior to the start of the window. For sessions that are live as we approach the window, we will show warnings to the participants so they can complete their interview. Interview data recorded before the maintenance window starts will be safe.

How does this impact my reports?

You will not be able to view reports or dashboards during the downtime.

As always, if you have any questions, please email us at

Confirmation Email for Test Takers

We added a new feature that sends confirmation emails to test takers. After a candidate finishes a test, we will send them an email that confirms that their test results have been sent to the hiring company.

The Confirmation Email feature is turned on by default for all of your company’s tests. But we have created new settings that enable you to make following changes:

  • Turn confirmation emails on or off for each test
  • Customize the content of the confirmation email for each test
  • Enable or disable confirmation email for the entire company

To change the confirmation email settings for a specific test, go to Tests => Advanced Settings => Emails. You will see a section called Confirmation Email, which is where you can configure the confirmation emails for this specific test.

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 12.21.37 AM

To enable or disable confirmation emails for the entire company, go to your account settings. There is a new Company section, which has a Test Settings page. If you disable confirmation emails for the company, then confirmation emails will be disabled for all of your company’s tests. Please note that you can only see the Test Settings page if you’re a member of the Owners team.