Changes to our CDN

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are an important part of our strategy to ensure HackerRank loads fast for our users globally. Today we have made a small tweak to our CDN implementation that will improve performance for you. Read on for more details in Q&A format

What is your (HackerRank) CDN approach and what is the present change?

Every time a user comes to our site, we pick from a list of CDN hosts that have the fastest response times. With the change today we are adding one more CDN to that list, boosting performance for some of our users.

What does the change mean for me as a customer?

Majority of our users would not notice anything. If the new host is better for you, you would automatically benefit from it. The only users who may have to do something are those who have set up explicit domain white lists.

We have set up domain whitelists for HackerRank. What exactly should I do now?

You (or your corporate IT) should add the domain “” to the white list.

I do not understand what domain whitelists are / I am not sure if we are using a domain whitelist, what should I do? Will my work be affected?

Don’t worry. You can ignore this update. Your performance will be no different from what it was before this change.


You can always reach out to us at in case of any queries.

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      1. Great! we to use Akamai as well at Practo. Would love to read up more about Engineering decisions/challenges at Hackerrank!

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