DroidRank is now in open beta!

We’re very excited to announce that DroidRank (which we launched as closed beta a few months back) is now available to all our customers as a limited time open beta. It’s a great way to assess Android developers and we look forward to you taking it for a spin and sharing your feedback. Please read our previous detailed post on DroidRank to learn more what it can do for your mobile programming hiring!

Bulk invite candidates by CSV upload

The most common recruiter activity on HackerRank for Work is to invite candidates for screening tests. While the current interface already allows a user to invite multiple candidates, there are couple of scenario which are not handled well. If a recruiter has a list of candidate emails in excel, they have to convert it into a comma-separated list and paste. Also, there are cases where recruiters want to invite a lot of candidates (e.g. 500 candidates for a campus recruitment drive). In such a case, they typically face time out issues when using the comma-separated approach.

Now, you have a very easy way to invite candidates in bulk by simply uploading a CSV file containing a list of the email IDs (and optionally names) of the candidates. This is available on the invite interface as shown in the screenshots below. This upload functionality now allows you to send any number of invites without a timeout.

Note: Currently, one can’t change the invite settings (invite email subject/body, invite expiry, candidate tags etc) when using the CSV upload functionality. Our next set of changes to this flow will allow this. Besides that a) The timeout issue for comma-separated approach will be fixed b) The recruiter will be able to track the delivery status of invite emails sent. Stay tuned!

Invite Interface



CSV upload pop up



Feel free to share your comments on this change below.



Organize your tests better

While we’re actively diversifying our products to help with phone interviews (CodePair) and other aspects of technical recruitment, screening tests continue to be extremely popular among HackerRank for Work users: a very simple way to shortlist good candidates by inviting them to take a test with automated assessment. This popularity means that over time a typical company would accumulate dozens of tests, making it hard to find specific tests, or to even browse through them in some logical way. We have had a ‘Starred Tests’ feature that allows certain tests to stick to the top of the tests listing, but we have had requests asking us to do more.

Today we have rolled out the first of many planned enhancements to help you manage your tests suite better. You will find a new left-pane for the Tests home page, similar to what you must already be familiar in the home pages for CodePair and Library: using the left pane you will find that you can easily access tests created by you (“My Tests”), tests shared with you by other team members (Shared With Me) and tests marked with a star (Starred Tests). This, along with the search functionality present on the top of page, will help you quickly navigate to the tests of interest.

We have more such enhancements in the pipeline, so stay tuned!


Changes to our CDN

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are an important part of our strategy to ensure HackerRank loads fast for our users globally. Today we have made a small tweak to our CDN implementation that will improve performance for you. Read on for more details in Q&A format

What is your (HackerRank) CDN approach and what is the present change?

Every time a user comes to our site, we pick from a list of CDN hosts that have the fastest response times. With the change today we are adding one more CDN to that list, boosting performance for some of our users.

What does the change mean for me as a customer?

Majority of our users would not notice anything. If the new host is better for you, you would automatically benefit from it. The only users who may have to do something are those who have set up explicit domain white lists.

We have set up domain whitelists for HackerRank. What exactly should I do now?

You (or your corporate IT) should add the domain “static.hrcdn.net” to the white list.

I do not understand what domain whitelists are / I am not sure if we are using a domain whitelist, what should I do? Will my work be affected?

Don’t worry. You can ignore this update. Your performance will be no different from what it was before this change.


You can always reach out to us at support@hackerrank.com in case of any queries.

Improved Teams Management

For every B2B product that involves usage by multiple people in the organization, it’s important that the product allows the right team settings to be configured in line with the actual organization. In line with this, HackerRank for Work continues to improve the “Teams Management” functionality. Our most recent changes make the “Teams Management” page much faster. We’ve implemented pagination per team so 10 members are displayed per team by default. This can be changed to 20 or 50 members if needed. Along with this, one can now search for a member in individual teams besides a global search. This simplifies the page and makes it very quick, while keeping all the existing functionalities.

You can check these changes via Settings (click on your account name in top right) -> Teams Management.


Screenshot of Updated Teams Management Screen
Screenshot of Updated Teams Management Screen


In-product Notifications

The engineering culture and infrastructure at HackerRank is built for speed. We build and deploy changes to our production infrastructure many times a day (if required).  That is one of the joys of being a SaaS provider, and we pride ourselves on our agility and responsiveness. There is a downside to this agility as well. At times customers are surprised by some change and find it a bit annoying when there is no accompanying note explaining the change or the rationale.

Today we are thrilled to launch a new in-product notification system to address this concern. Just look for the megaphone icon on the top-right of the title bar after you login to your HackerRank for Work account. If there are any updates on this blog since your last visit to your account, they will appear as a neat list which you can then click to read all the detail. Using this medium we plan to keep you update on new features, enhancements, and key bug fixes, notifications of scheduled downtimes and all such matters related to our service.

We hope you like this, and we’d love to hear what you think of it. Drop us a note in the comments below, or write to us at support@hackerrank.com

DroidRank: Hire the Best Android Developers

Introducing DroidRank: Source, Screen, and Hire the Best Android Developers
Introducing DroidRank: Source, Screen, and Hire the Best Android Developers

With the explosion of mobile devices across the planet talented mobile developers have become a lot like gold: always worth their weight, and always in short supply. Unfortunately for hiring managers and recruiters, not only are the talented mobile developers in short supply, but they are hidden in a seemingly endless sea of, shall we say, under-talented mobile developers. These unfortunate truths make the hiring process for mobile developers difficult, time consuming, and expensive.

In an effort to always keep engineering teams stacked with quality talent, we’re proud to announce that HackerRank is expanding it’s award-winning product, HackerRank for Work, into the Android development market with DroidRank. If talented mobile developers are indeed golden nuggets, then DroidRank is your metal detector for that crowded beach of mobile developer candidates.

DroidRank is here to revolutionize your entire mobile developer acquisition process by eliminating some of the biggest hurdles in the current recruitment methodology. For example:

  • Start with an inherently stronger candidate pool
    If you could apply to a professional football team by just sending in a resume, would you? Probably. And I bet millions of others would, too, which would completely dilute that team’s talent pool. But, what if you knew you had to take the field for a test run with the pros? Maybe you won’t send in that resume after all. The same rationale applies to coders. Knowing that DroidRank’s unique coding challenge is a prerequisite for a job will help self-eliminate a bulk of unqualified candidates which saves you time and boosts your overall talent pool.
  • Leverage meaningful screening techniques
    Due to screening limitations, hiring managers have been mostly limited to generic Java coding tests or theoretical Android coding questions. Neither of which is ideal when you’re looking for the best fit for your organization. With DroidRank, the recruiter and hiring manager get to design and build the perfect Android coding challenge for that role within their organization.
  • Standardize the methodology across candidate pool
    After a number of different candidates spread across multiple weeks it’s likely that your questions may have varied a bit and your judging criteria may have fluctuated (perhaps with your mood that day?). DroidRank lets multiple candidates take the same Android coding challenge so that candidates (and their code) can be measured objectively across the candidate pool.
  • Avoid coding environment gotchas
    Every hiring manager knows that no two coding environments are the same. This can make actually testing a candidate’s code cumbersome as you try to fine tune your compiler settings to properly run a candidate’s code. More wasted time for the hiring manager. DroidRank solves this by leveraging it’s own built-in browser-based IDE that compiles candidate code in real-time for hiring managers to review.
  • Evaluate the full range of a candidate’s submission
    Many hiring managers in the past have had to take a leap of faith on candidates based on resumes or interviews. With DroidRank, a hiring manager can schedule a coding challenge during a phone interview. They can see how a candidate codes in real-time and review it fully later. But, they can also review the finished product (the completed Android app) by simply scanning a unique candidate QR code on their own mobile device. This finally gives hiring managers a full view of their candidate’s coding techniques and capabilities.

At the end of the day, we put a ton of effort into building our new DroidRank platform. We added support for multi-file projects that form the building block for our Android app source trees. We also added the Android SDK tool chain to our build system to provide a simple workflow to the users. But, what we really built into our new DroidRank platform was ‘love’.

Recruiters will love how quickly they can design a coding challenge that is specifically tailored for their role. Candidates will love how easy and engaging it is to participate in a coding challenge (especially when compared to the dullness of past interviews). And, last but not least, hiring managers will love how thorough they can be when evaluating their candidates across an equal and objective playing field.

If you’re ready to start hiring the best of the best then be sure to check out our DroidRank page for more details, and if you think you’re up to the challenge, give our DroidRank sample challenge a try.